Plant Tracking

  • GPS & RF Plant Tracking
  • Servicing manager & notification
  • Asset control & fleet visibility
  • Utilisation Data
  • High security profiles
  • Intelligent Geo-fencing
  • Emergency immobilisation

Lone Worker & Vulnerable People

  • Tailored solutions for lone worker or vulnerable people
  • Perfect for people suffering with altseimers
  • Utilising 2 way voice communication
  • Pre programmable “hot key’s” for emergency contact

GPS Fleet Management

  • Full fleet visability with the latest Microsoft mapping
  • Nearest Driver and POI feature
  • Optimum routing for improved efficiency
  • Latest vehicle reports including overspeed and out of hours usage
  • Optional tyre pressure monitoring
  • HMRC complient journey reporting
  • Designated internet software

Vehicles & Motorcycles

  • Automatic Geo-fence Technology
  • Tow away detection system & alerting
  • Journey history & snail trail reporting
  • “Where are you now” via SMS
  • GPS & RF after theft recovery
  • No external aerials or antennas
  • Dedicated UK finder network

Non Powered Assets

  • Self contained IP67 tracking device
  • No external wires of any kind
  • Internal power source with a 3 year battery life
  • Works indoors and inside containers
  • Dedicated finder network
  • Utilises the latest cell site and RF Technology
  • Compact and discreet design

Generators & Tower lights

  • Rugged IP67 design
  • Un-authorised movement alerts
  • Internal battery back up
  • Low power draw
  • Full internet access
  • International Coverage
  • World Wide Mapping

Welcome to AMI

GPS Tracking devices for Plant machinery & vehicles

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of plant tracking solutions and fleet management systems. AMI offer secure GPS & RF tracking devices for a wide range of applications, these include plant tracking , industrial machinery, fleet management solutions and even individual people. We have the latest GPS & RF tracking solutions with a wide range of services to provide tracking support and monitoring.
AMI offer a wide range of solutions specifically designed to add value to your business and aid in the daily management of your assets. If you would like to find out more detail about our individual solutions please click on the product links below or call or email us via our contacts page.

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